Langan Consulting Group started 20 years ago to fill a need.

Many small business people in the growing Caribbean region had perfectly good ideas, but no experience in implementing them, and few resources for learning how. International funding bodies were available for loans and start up programs, but few people knew how to access them and then, if successful, grow their businesses.

Mark Langan was a college lecturer in Marketing Management, Communications and Consumer Behaviour with a strong interest in World Music. Working with Stonetree Records, Belize’s main recording studio, he secured EU funding to allow the company to attend WOMEX and other world music festivals and put their acts on the international touring circuit while developing effective marketing strategies and materials. Stonetree took off, and artists who never had the chance to be heard outside their region were wowing audiences in Germany, Holland, Malaysia, the US and other international venues.

After this success, more and more business began knocking on the door and LCG’s own business model developed. By forming an association with colleagues with degrees in quality, environmental sciences, business administration and other areas, we were able to deliver high quality results in an incredibly affordable manner. The Internet had just reached the region, allowing us to meet, develop action plans and materials that not only met funding bodies’ rigid criteria, but blew them away in Brussels.

In 2000 Langan Consulting became Langan Consulting Group and we never looked back.

After coming back home to Australia the business focus changed to suit the needs of a growing family and lifestyle, but we retained the basic philosophy of keeping a circle of friends and associates that allows us to exchange competencies, create synergies, and put together teams that use new media and communications to get results with very low overheads. Our customers pay for our talents and work, not fancy offices, parking spaces or elaborate infrastructure.

Over the last five years we left government and corporate work, suits and ties and urban living to concentrate on content development and other writing projects out of a small office in Byron Bay, New South Wales.

And here we are today.

Have a wander around the site and please feel free to contact us to discuss any communications needs you have. From publishing a book, selling luxury property or successfully completing any project requiring high quality written content, distinctive online presentation and social media engagement, we have the experience, drive and passion that will get you where you’re going, quickly, effectively and with that dash of élan that stands out.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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